About Antonio

IMG_3153  At the turn of the century, explorers from Europe and America traveled to Africa to see what mystery was held in this exotic land. These trips lasted months and required hundreds of porters to transport tents and equipment from place to place; with East Africa being one of the preferred choices of these adventurers who wanted to experience the wilds of Africa.  Napenda Africa Safaris has put up a team of professional safari guides with many years of experience to ensure you capture this excitement coupled with the comfort of the Safari experience.

'Napenda' is a Swahili word meaning 'I love' and no one can better describe this than the pioneer Antonio Marangabassa, an articulate sociologist and professional safari guide for over 25 years. Apart from being an anthropologist, Antonio has exceptional knowledge about the history and culture of the people. Under his guidance, Antonio's love for the area is contagious and visitors go back home equally appreciative of the country's many diverse qualities in nature and ethnic cultures.

Born in Mozambique, now a Kenyan citizen. Antonio Marangabassa graduated in 1981 magnum cum laude from the United States International University with majors in Sociology and Anthropology.  He was a public school teacher for seven years and has worked as a Professional tour guide in Kenya since 1981. His is especially appreciated by his clients for his quick sense of humor, undying energy, and offering his guiding expertise in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Kiswahili.

Napenda Africa's Mission is to create a unique travel experiences for clients, while promoting volunteer opportunities' that improve the lives of the African Children and the environment.  Antonio's Love for the surroundings also extends to aiding under-privileged communities, and as a result of this he has founded the African Angels Children's Fund, a charity project that helps build classrooms and provides scholarships to Children thus giving them hope for a brighter future.

His professional knowledge and commitment to promoting sustainable travel has been appreciated by various Zoological and Conservation societies worldwide including San Diego Zoo, Sacramento Zoo, Oregon Zoo, Riverbanks Zoo, and Cincinnati Zoo, River edge Nature Center, Los-Angeles Zoo, Cleveland Zoo, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and Woodland Zoo.


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